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Priorities, Wants, Needs, Money, Choices, Family, Career
Courtesy, Challenges, Diversity, Non-Fiction, Self-Help

Priorities... - REVIEWS


5 Star Reviews


Simple, basic common sense. Short chapters, easy to read... you do feel like your are talking with an old friend or getting advice from an older family member. very personal... the part about trying to be 'normal' is great.


Elizabeth Stuart-Grimes’s book is hugely engaging and insightful.  Her honesty is breathtaking and assures a relaxed and personal connection with her readers.  There is no pretension in this book – only hard-won, candid lessons about life, society, family, and self.  It is a book that will have many readers head-nodding with every sentence.” Dr. Brent Betit (Twitter @brentbetit)


This is a lovely book, filled with life stories and reminiscences which will point the way to a fulfilling life. It is also a memoire. I highly recommend it. as a gift to a current graduate.





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Title published by: First Edition Design Publishing / Sarasota FL USA